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Discontinued products
Discontinued products
• Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability.
• 3 LEDs for checking correct wiring status.
• 15mA LOOP measurement:
LOOP impedance 2000Ω range measurement is carried out with low test current (15mA). The current will not cause tripping out involved RCD even the one with the lowest nominal differential current (30mA).
• Model 4120A has the automatic RCD (ELCB) lock device. There is no need to by-pass most passive RCD's at distribution boards when conducting LOOP or PSC tests.

• Direct reading of Prospective Short Circuit Current (PSC) and earth fault current.
• Safe voltage measurement function.
• Large custom digital display readout on all models.
• Measures low loop resistances (resolution of 0.01Ω)
• Automatic lock-out if test resister overheats.
• Large custom digital display readout.
• Visual indication of reversed phase and neutral wiring at socket.
• Designed to IP54 Rating
• Complies with IEC 61557

Loop Impedance Ranges 20/200/2000Ω (20/200Ω D-LOK)
Loop Impedance
AC Test Current 20Ω 25A   200Ω 2.3A
2000Ω 15mA
AC Test Period 20Ω (20ms)   200Ω (40ms)
2000Ω (280ms)
PSC Ranges 200A (2.3A 40ms)   2000A (25A 20ms) D-LOK
20kA (25A 20ms) D-LOK
PSC Ranges Accuracy Consider accuracy of Loop impedance
Voltage 110V-260V ±2%rdg±4dgt
Operating Voltage 230V+10% -15% (195V - 253V) 50Hz
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V
IEC 61557-1,-3
IEC 61010-2-031 Pollution Degree 2
IP Rating IEC 60529-IP54
Dimensions 185(L) × 167(W) × 89(D)mm
Weight 960g approx.
Accessories Molded plug test leads
7121B (Simplified measurement probe)
Pouch for test leads
Shoulder Strap
Instruction Manual
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