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Power Meters

The recorded data did not remain.

At the W range, the data will be saved by pressing the SAVE key each time.
However, when you finish the measurement, if you set the function switch to the OFF position directly from the W range, the file will remain open and the data will not be saved. Be sure to set the function key to any ranges other than the OFF range from the W range in order to close the file.

When you manually stop recording at the Wh or DEMAND range, the saving symbol "FILE" appears in the LCD display.
If the function switch is set to OFF position during the "FILE" appears in the display, the measured data will be recorded.
Be sure that the "FILE" symbol is off from the display, then change the switch to the OFF position.

The recorded data in the internal memory will be deleted when the system reset (Setting 23) is used.

Be sure to set the function switch at the OFF position before you insert or remove a CF card from the unit. If the CF card is inserted or removed with the switch being set at the ranges other than the OFF range, it is possible that the data recorded in the CF card is damaged.

If the AC power supply is interrupted and the batteries are not incorporated, the data under measurement will be lost.
In the case of using batteries, in case the batteries exhaust, the 6300 automatically save the measured data. Therefore, it is recommended to install the batteries in the 6300 even if using AC power supply.