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Quality Control Concept

Kyoritsu started early an effort to establish system that ensures traceability to the national standards in order to produce reliable instruments as well as instruments that can assure reliability of other equipment and installations.

When traceability is in place, measurements taken with an instrument any time and anywhere in any situation can be related to the appropriate national measurement standards through a clear and unbroken chain of comparisons.

For example, in terms on measurement defined by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), traceability is specified as a condition in which a calibration path is established from instruments produced or in-house standards to higher level standards to the national standards. Kyoritsu currently has a system in place as shown in the figure below.

Our calibrator (standard) is calibrated at Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation (JEMIC), Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and Fluke Japan who perform calibration based on the units established and maintained by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). The standard is used as the in-house standard to calibrate all the test and measuring equipments which are used in-house. 

Voltage :
Precision calibrators are used as in-house DC and AC voltage standards.
Current :
DC or AC current is converted to a voltage by a standard resistor, and the voltage is calibrated with a precision digital multimeter.
Resistance :
Calibration resisters are calibrated with a DC standard current generator and the precision digital multimeter.

Calibration System for Electrical Measuring Instruments


Ehime Factory of Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, Ltd. obtained ISO 9001 certification in December, 1992. The certification was given by Bureau Veritas which is one of the globally recognized certification bodies.

International Quality Management Standards Approval

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