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KEW 4105DL

KEW 4105DL
IP67 Dust & Water-Proof rugged EARTH TESTER
Cable Reel Set Model
• 3-Pole and 2-Pole Earth Resistance measurement (0.01-2000Ω)
• Waterproof design (IP67)
• Rotary Switch makes the user interface very intuitive
• Large LCD Display with Backlight
• LED to monitor correct / non correct auxiliary earth spike resistance
• Earth Voltage Measurement (AC/DC 0-300V)
• CAT Ⅳ 100V

Carrying case
*Please check here for the hard case model.
  • WP
  • Backlight
  • AutoPowerOff
Measurement Method

Measurement of the earth electrode resistance (3-Pole method)

The international standard IEC 60364-6 provides information regarding the measurement of the resistance of an earth electrode for TT, TN and IT systems.
This measurement shall be made by the Volt-Amperometric method using two auxiliary earth electrodes.
The instrument that covers this requirement is the Earth Tester.

Measurement of the simplified earth resistance (2-Pole method)

Various features

Dust and Waterproof

After use you can wash it to remove the mud and dust.

Strong noise rejection

Noise rejection up to 25V rms allows accurate testing in noisy environments.

Earth voltage warning

A red LED comes on if an external voltage is detected.

【LED light comes on if:】

0 - 10Hz > 10V
10 - 100Hz >25V
100 - 400Hz >5V

Robust steel made earth spikes

Earth measurements are possible up to 100kΩ* of auxiliary earth spikes resistance.
*20Ω range 10kΩ, 200Ω range 50kΩ, 2000Ω range 100kΩ.

Auxiliary earth resistance check

4105DLBT-H checks if the auxiliary earth resistance is:

Large LCD Display with Backlight

Useful Accessories and Options for measurement

Robust forged earth spikes (MODEL 8041)

Robust forged earth spikes.

Cable reel for Earth resistance tester  (MODEL 7267/7268) 

Innovative Cable reel with wire guide system to facilitate rewinding.

Adapter for measurement terminal (MODEL 8259)

Adapter to enable use of ather test leads.

Earth resistance
Measuring range 0.00 - 2000 Ω
Display range 0.00 - 20.99 Ω 0.0 - 209.9 Ω 0 - 2099 Ω
Accuracy*1 ±1.5%rdg±0.08 Ω*2 ±1.5%rdg±4dgt
Auxiliary earth resistance*3 <10kΩ  <50kΩ  <100kΩ
Comparator reference value 10Ω  100Ω  500Ω
Earth voltage measurement
Measuring range 0 - 300 V AC (45 - 65Hz) ±0 - ±300 V DC
Display range 0.0 - 314.9 V 0.0 - ±314.9 V
Accuracy ±1%rdg±4dgt
Applicable Standards IEC 61010-1 CAT Ⅳ 100V / CAT Ⅲ 150V / CAT Ⅱ 300V Pollution degree 3
IEC 61010-2-030, IEC 61010-031, IEC 61557-1, 5
IEC 60529 (IP67), IEC 61326-1, 2-2
Power source LR6(AA)(1.5V) × 6
Dimension 121(L) × 188(W) × 59(D) mm (including case lid)
Weight Approx. 690g (including batteries and case lid)
Accessories 7127B (Simplified measurement probe)
8041 (Auxiliary earth spikes [2spikes/1set])
9121 (Shoulder strap)
7267 (Cable reel for Earth resistance tester [red:20m])
7268 (Cable reel for Earth resistance tester [yellow:10m])
7271 (Earth resistance test lead [green:5m])
9190 (Carrying case)
LR6(AA) × 6, Instruction manual
Optional Accessories 7266 (Earth resistance test leads [red:20m, yellow:10m, green:5m/1set])
7269 (Earth resistance test leads [red:20m])
7270 Earth resistance test leads [yellow:10m])
7272 (Precision measurement Cord set)
8259 (Adapter for measurement terminal)
9191 (Carrying case[Hard])
9192 (Carring case for cord reels)

*1 For precision measurement, auxiliary earth resistance should be 100 Ω ±5% or less.
*2 At simplified measurement add ±0.10 Ω to the specified accuracy.
*3 Accuracy within the auxiliary earth resistance: ±5% rdg ±10 dgt.

Accessories/Optional Accessories /Related Products

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