Kyoritsu Electric Instrument Co., Ltd. Kyoritsu Electric Instrument Co., Ltd.

In 2020, Kyoritsu Electrical instruments Works, Ltd.
celebrated the 80th anniversary of its founding.

代表取締役 倉本 正道

Since the foundation in 1940, we have been supported by a lot of people from many countries over the world. We would like to express our appreciation to the customers who have been using our products, to our business partners, to our shareholders, to our alumni and alumnae and to their families.

By receiving the support from you for 80 years, we have been building a solid sales network in overseas and in Japan, and we could acquire a high level of technology by responding to your requirements and by following your lead.

Measurement is, so to speak, a ruler. It is the mother-tool of all the industries which are closely connected with Manufacturing.
We will aim to further development by providing the products and service of high reliability.

“Human life” has two meanings of “Make a living” and “Live a life”. There is no value in people gathered here if it is just for making a living.

Each family has a person who exists as the backbone of the family. If the person can show a good back to the family, it may encourage the family to get motivated or to have courage.

Since being as a company, it is of course important to pursue a profit. However, the most important thing is how to live.

People can have confidence or being proud of their work by taking on a challenge. Kyoritsu wants to be a company like this.

Kyoritsu commits anew, to keep on contributing to you and to the society.

President Masamichi Kuramoto
Our Shared Value
Our Mission
Our Vision
  • 1940

    Started manufacturing and selling testers.

  • 1941

    Started in-house production of meters and started sales of meters in addition to testers.

  • 1952

    Japan's first Plastic Panel Meter

  • 1955

    Small Testers

  • 1957

    Transparent plastic edgewise type instrument

  • 1958

    Grit dip meter exported to the United States

  • 1960

    Clamp Meter

  • 1961

    Full lineup of small to large testers

  • 1965

    KEW SNAP seiries
    Clanp Meters

  • 1975

    Earth Tester
    KEW EARTH 600

  • 1978

    Digital Clamp Meter

  • 1979

    Digital Multimeter

    3-ranges Insulation Tester
    MODEL 3301

  • 1980

    Leakage Clamp Meter
    MODEL 2401

  • 1983

    Earth Tester
    MODEL 4102

  • 1985

    Digital Insulation / Continuity Tester
    MODEL 3001

  • 1986

    Analogue High Voltage Testers
    MODEL 3121/3122/3123

  • 1987

    AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter
    MODEL 2004

  • 1988

    RCD Tester
    MODEL 5402

  • 1989

    AC Digital Clamp Meter
    MODEL 2007

  • 1991

    Lakage Clamp Meter
    MODEL 2413F

  • 1992

    High Voltage Insulation Tester
    MODEL 3124

  • 1993

    LOOP/PFC/PSC Tester
    MODEL 4118

  • 1995

    Multi Function Testers
    MODEL 6020/6030

    AC Digital Clamp Meter
    MODEL 2017

  • 1997

    Multi Function Tester
    MODEL 6010

  • 1999

    Multi Function Tester
    MODEL 6018

  • 2000

    Digital Multimeter with AC/DC Clamp Sensor
    KEW MATE 2000

  • 2001

    RCD Tester
    MODEL 5408

  • 2002

    Fork Current Tester
    MODEL 2300R

    Portable Appliance Testers
    MODEL 6200/6202

  • 2003

    Leak Loggers
    MODEL 5000/5001

    High Voltage Insulation Tester
    MODEL 3125

  • 2004

    Power Meter
    MODEL 6300

    Earth Clamp Meter
    MODEL 4200

  • 2005

    Voltage Tester
    KEW 1700

  • 2006

    Power Quality Analyzer
    KEW 6310

  • 2008

    Non-Contact Safety Phase Indicator
    KEW 8035

    High Voltage Insulation Tester
    KEW 3128

  • 2009

    Digital Multimeter with AC/DC Clamp Sensor
    KEW MATE 2012R

  • 2010

    Simplified Earth Tester
    KEW 4300

  • 2011

    AC Digital Clamp Meter
    KEW 2200

    DC Milliamp Clamp Meter
    KEW 2500

  • 2012

    Intelligent Socket Tester
    KEW 4500

    Power Meter
    KEW 6305

  • 2013

    Power Quality Analyzer
    KEW 6315

  • 2014

    Digital Multi Meter
    KEW 1019R

    Analogue Insulation Testers
    KEW 3431/3432
    KEW 3441/3442

  • 2015

    AC Digital Clamp Meters
    KEW 2007R/2117R

    Digital High Voltage Insulation Testers
    KEW 3025A/3125A

  • 2016

    Analogue Insulation Testers
    KEW 3411/3412

    PV Insulation Earth Tester
    KEW 6024PV

  • 2017

    Ior Logger
    KEW 5050

    Analogue Insulation Tester with Bluetooth communication function
    KEW 3441BT

  • 2018

    Portable Appliance Testers
    KEW 6205/6206

    Simplified Earth Tester with Bluetooth communication function
    KEW 4300BT

  • 2019

    Clamp Power Meter with Bluetooth
    communication function
    KEW 2060BT

    Digital Earth Tester with Bluetooth communication function
    KEW 4105DLBT-H

  • 2020

    Intelligent Socket Testers
    KEW 4505/4505BT

    Signal Sources
    KEW 8341/8342

    Multi Function Testers
    KEW 6516/6516BT

We Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, Ltd., since our foundation in 1940, have been consistent in the policy of customer first in the manufacturing and the service, and we have established trust with our customers.
In the meantime, the electrical measurement technology which is our core competence has been playing an important role as the foundation of the technological development and the industry which supports the development of the world.