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NEW Power Meter

KEW 6305

Applicable model listApplicable model list Product Catalogue Software
Quick Manual Instruction Manual
Comprehensive real-time monitoring, recording and analysis of single and 3-phase systems
Voltage, Current, Power Factor and Frequency measurements
Power analysis (Active, Apparent and Reactive power)
Energy analysis (Active, Apparent and Reactive power)
Active power accuracy: ±0.3%rdg±0.2%f.s.
Automatic wiring check function to prevent incorrect connections
Large memory capability (2GB) using built-in SD card interface
Real time & remote measurements using Android application
synchronous measurements between two units of KEW 6305
Wide selection of clamp sensors allow measurements from 0.1A to 3000A
The instrument automatically recognizes what kind of clamp sensor is connected to it
Windows software for data analysis and setting via USB port or Bluetooth


Power Meters

MODEL 6300
12 kinds of power measurements
Regenerative electric power can be measured
Display 3 different data simultaneously on large screen.
4 types wiring system
Recording internal can be set between 1 second and 1 hour
Demand measurement
Double power supply system AC line and Alkaline size AA battery LR6 : 6 pcs.
Supplied with interface software for downloading data to PC via USB
Direct communication with PC by USB connection
The interface for compact flash card (CF card) is equipped.
Back light function
Designed to Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 600V.

KEW 6310
Applicable model listApplicable model list
Can measure Flicker in accordance to IEC 61000-4-15 and EN50160 standards. Using our Flicker sensor, available as optional accessory, Pst value (short term severity in 10 minutes value) and the Plt value (long term severity in 2 hours value) can be measured.
12 kinds of Power Measurements for Power Control and Applicable to Power Quality Control including Harmonics Analysis.
One click easy-to-use operation helps complicated setting and processing of large data through the setting / analyzing software provided as accessory.
Direct communication with PC via USB cable
Built-in Input / Output Function of external signal enables the signal transmission to alarms.
2-way power supply by AC and Battery, and Nickel hydrogen battery usable with rechargeable function.
Pull / Insert of CF card possible whenever on recording under the function of memory backup device.
Can monitor insulation at leakage current by using optional leak clamp sensors.
Built-in Print Screen Function enables to record display screen (Records 512 screens by using CF card: 1 screen 40KB).
Can display Waveform and Vector, and can confirm the wiring connection, too.
Complies fully with International Safety Standards
IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 600V.


Flicker Sensor

KEW 8325F
Applicable model listApplicable model list
Can measure Flicker in combination with KEW6310.


Flexible Clamp Sensor

KEW 8129
Applicable model listApplicable model list
Flexible for various test fields
Can measure AC current up to 3000A
Flexible and light weight by the air core coil used at the sensor part
Measurable conductor size: max Φ150mm
Designed to meet the international safety standard
IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 600V


Load current clamp sensors

MODEL 8128
Applicable model listApplicable model list

MODEL 8127
Applicable model listApplicable model list

MODEL 8126
Applicable model listApplicable model list

MODEL 8125
Applicable model listApplicable model list

MODEL 8124
Applicable model listApplicable model list


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