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Analogue Multimeters

MODEL 1106
Instruction Manual

Fuse and diode protected circuit (except 15A AC range).
Safety designed input terminals and test leads.

Do not make voltage measurements on industry power lines of 250V
or higher.
DC V 0.5/5/25/100/250/500V (5kΩ/V)
|±3% of FS
AC V 10/50/250/500V (2.5kΩ/V)
|±3% of FS
DC A 200µA/2.5/25/250mA
|±3% of FS
|±5% of FS (250mA)
Ω 3/30/300kΩ
|±3% of scale length
Temperature -20ºC - +150ºC
|±5ºC (0ºC - +100ºC)
|±10ºC (other ranges)
(with the use of Temperature probe 7060)
Battery Test 2V (20Ω load)
Withstand Voltage 3000V AC for 1 minute
Power Source R6 (AA) (1.5V) × 1
Dimensions 130(L) × 85(W) × 38(D)mm
Weight 175g approx.
Accessories 7066A (Test leads)
8901 (0.5A/250V fuse) × 1
R6 (AA) × 1
Instruction Manual
Optional 9059 (Carrying case)
7060 (Temperature probe)


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