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Multi Function Testers

MODEL 6015
IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V
The top of the range KEW6015 can perform TEN separate test functions and provides all the test functions generally required to verify the safety of electrical installations in full compliance with IEC 61557.
The KEW6015 can store test results in its on-board memory for later downloading to a computer or printer.
Data can be downloaded via the infra Red Communication Port (IRDA Port).
The KEW6015 is software driven and guides the user through the test functions required making the instrument very easy to use.
It's numerous features include the ability to conduct 3 or 4 wire earth resistance test,
D-Lok technology to prevent tripping of most passive type RCD's when loop testing and mains voltage and frequency measurement.
Live circuit and wiring connection check LED’s
D-Lok technology on loop test range
On-board memory to store test results
Downloading of data via IRDA port
Auto power off
Back light display
Polarity switch
Continuity Auto-null
Auto ramp and auto test on RCD ranges
Test of a large kind of RCD's: Standard, Selective, AC and A
(DC sensitive breakers)
Designed to IP54 Rating
Complies with IEC 61557

10 in 1
Continuity Testing
Measuring Ranges 20/200/2000Ω Autoranging
Open Circuit Voltage >6V
Short Circuit Current >200mA DC
Accuracy |±(1.5%rdg+3dgt)
Loop Impedance Testing
Rated Voltage 230V AC ±10% [50Hz]
Voltage Measuring Range 100 - 400V AC [50Hz]
Impedance Ranges 20/200/2000Ω
Nominal Test Current 25A (20Ω range) 1.2A (200Ω range) 1.2A (2000Ω range)
Test Period 1/2 cycle (10ms)
Base Accuracy 20Ω range
|±(2%rdg+2dgt) D-LOK OFF
|±(5%rdg+5dgt) D-LOK ON
RCD Testing
Rated Voltage 230V AC ±10% [50Hz]
Trip Current Settings RCD × 1/2 : 10,30,100,300,500,1000mA
RCD × 1 : 10,30,100,300,500,1000mA
RCD × 5 : 10,30,100mA
Trip Current Duration RCD × 1/2 × 1: 2000ms
RCD × 5: 200ms fast trip 50ms
Accuracy Trip current +10%-0%
of test current at 230V Trip time±(2%rdg + 3dgt)
Insulation Testing
Measuring Ranges 20/200/2000MΩ Autoranging
Test Voltage 250V, 500Vand 1000V DC
Output Voltage on
Open Circuit
Rated Current >1mA
Accuracy 0 - 100MΩ|±(2%rdg+3dgt)
100MΩ - 2000MΩ|±(5%rdg+4dgt)
PSC Testing
Rated Voltage 230V AC ±10% [50Hz]
PSC Ranges 2000A and 20kA
Accuracy PSC accuracy derived from measured
loop impedance specification and measured
voltage specification
Fault Current
Rated Voltage 230V AC ±10% [50Hz]
Fault Current Ranges 2000A and 20kA
Nominal Test Current 1.2A (2000A) 25A (20kA)
Accuracy Fault Current accuracy derived from measured loop impedance specification and measured voltage specification
Earth Resistance
Ranges 20Ω/200Ω/2000Ω
Output Voltage 50V peak to peak square wave
Frequency 720Hz ±5%
Accuracy 20Ω|±(2%rdg+5dgt)
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT III 300V Pollution Degree 2
Withstand Voltage 3700V AC for 1 minute
Power Source 8 × 1.5V R6 or LR6
Dimensions 105(L) × 210(W) × 240(D)mm
Weight 1924g approx.
7098 (Distribution board test leads for Loop/PSC/RCD testing )
7099 (Moulded plug test leads(1 set) for Loop and RCD testing at sockets(EU plug) )*
7025 (Lead for insulation and continuity testing)
7109 (Earth resistance test leads (1 set))
KSLP5 (external earth probe)
8032 (auxiliary earth spikes)
8210 (IrDA Adaptor)
Durable Holdall
Accessory pouch
Battery 8 × 1.5V R6 or LR6
Instruction Manual
*7112 (Moulded plug test leads (1set) for Loop and RCD testing at sockets (UK plug) )
7113 (Moulded plug test leads (1set) for Loop and RCD testing at sockets (AU plug) )
7114 (Moulded plug test leads (1set) for Loop and RCD testing at sockets (SA plug) )


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