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MODEL 8021

As an ammeter
When measuring low currents, connect the energizer as shown at left.
Clamp the loop ×5 or ×10 with the transformer jaws of the clamp meter.
The current to be measured will be indicated as 1/5 or 1/10 of the value read on the meter. When the direct measurement of the two conductor line cord is not possible with the clamp meter, clamp the loop ×1 and read the meter directly.

Connection to AC Power Outlet

As a voltmeter
First, connect the energizer as shown at left. Insert one of the voltage test leads into VOLTS LEAD terminal and the other test lead into VOLTS LEAD terminal on the reverse side. Then, read the indicated value directly.

Connection to Appliance under Test
Rated value ACA-10A max.
ACV-300V max.
For use with following models; 2004, 2006, 2007A, 2017, 2027, 2031, 2033
2037, 2412, 2417, 2431, 2608A, 2805, 8113


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